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celebrities > gwen stefani
gwen stefani

gwen stefani was born in Orange County, California on October 3, 1969. As gwen stefani was growing up she was strongly influenced by "ska" and "punk" music. gwen stefani grew up with her Mom, Dad, two brothers(Eric, and Todd), and one sister, Jill. When Gwen graduated from high school she attented "Cal State Fullerton College".

gwen stefani's band "No Doubt" was started by her brother Eric Stefani, and a friend of his John Spence in 1987. gwen stefani joined later on as lead singer. Even later, Tony, Adrian, and Tom joined the band. They released their first album "No Doubt" in 1992. Their second album "The Beacon Street Collection" was later released. Then in 1995 they released their most popular album, "Tragic Kingdom" which topped the charts all over Canada and the US.

Eric Stefani, gwen stefani's brother left the band after the release of Tragic Kingdom to persue a career of his own and was replaced by Phil Jordan and Gabe McNair who went on tour with the band. gwen stefani used to date bass player in the band Tony Kanal. When they broke up she wrote the hit single "Don't Speak" in memory of their relationship. gwen stefani wears a necklace with the letter "G" on it representing her boyfriend Gavin Rosedale's initial. gwen stefani is often looked at in the wrong way. "I think I've been able to fool a lot of people because I know I'm a dork. I'm a geek."-Quotes gwen stefani

In 2000, the band released Return of Saturn. The CD was loaded with tons of new sound, great lyrics, and ofcourse what all No Doubt fans want...gwen stefani! The album was definately a step up from their previous release, the songs were more mature, and the music had grown. The album was a great release and holds it's own against their most popular release, Tragic Kingdom.

It is obvious that gwen stefani and her band No Doubt have a lot of talent and we will just have to wait and see what the band holds in store for us next album.

They decided to start their own ska band in the summer of '86. John was a dynamic performer. Inspired by HR of the punk band Bad Brains he would more or less scream his lyrics. He also enjoyed doing back flips on stage; basically anything to get the mosh pits into a roaring mob. One name for the band they kicked around when coming up with a name was "Apple Core" from a catch phrase from an old Warner Bros. cartoon. Eric was passionate about animation and he brought the idea up. Ultimately they decided on another name. They needed help so they received assistance from friends named Alan Meade, Tony Meade, Chris Leal and Chris Webb and they coerced Gwen to get in the act. They played a local New Year's Eve party on December 31, 1986 and thus "No Doubt" was born. The group took its name from John's favorite phrase.

Then on March 14, 1987 they played their first official show at Fender's Ballroom in Long Beach, CA. The second of a fourteen band show they were. The Untouchables were the main act. They were comprised of: Eric on keyboards, John on lead vocals, Gwen backing up John and Chris Leal on bass (there was a brass section including the Meade brothers: Alan and Tony). They played some cover songs of second-wave ska bands like Madness and The Selecter. They may have played a few of their own songs (like Total Hate) in their first few months. At the show that night was Tony Kanal; he was a friend of Eric and Dave Carpenter and agreed to take Chris's place on bass guitar after that night. Tony met Gwen at his audition a bit later and the two started dating.

In the fall of 1987 No Doubt played local clubs and received an invitation to play at the Roxy soon after Christmas. John Spence, ceasing the moment, got the band together and practiced feverishly through December. T Tragically, on December 21, 1987, No Doubt's world was turned upside down when they learned John killed himself in a local park. The band almost broke because of John's death, but when some time had gone by, and the dust finally settled, they decided that No Doubt should continue ahead because that's what John would have wanted. It was then that the name "No Doubt" was cemented as the band's name as a tribute to their fallen leader.

The band was a cross roads in their young career. The band played the show because they knew John would've wanted it that way. Their front man Alan Meade stepped up from his trumpet position and took John's place. Unfortunately Alan departed from No Doubt sometime in 1988 to marry his pregnant girlfriend. This left gwen stefani alone at vocals in a band of all guys without formal singing lessons.

In the next few years the band was completed with the addition of two new members. These members have helped shape No Doubt's music and have set them apart from being just a ska band and allowed them to successfully integrate new sounds into the mix. During this time they also played local Anaheim/Orange County gigs a few times a month. At this time the band sold 3 and 5 song demo tapes at the shows. Their following in the underground scene grew to the point that they were invited to open for the Red Hot Chili peppers later on after the band's completion.

In 1988 former heavy-metal guitarist Tom Dumont joined the band after reading the classifieds at "The Stomp Box", a recording studio in an industrial park close to Edison Field(formerly known as Anaheim Stadium). Tom grew tired of the metal scene and took a liking to the ska-tinged sound the band was making. At the time he started to listen to bands like Oingo Boingo. Tom, who had been playing with his sister in the band Rising, jammed with them and decided to leave the heavy metal lifestyle behind and he hasn't looked back since. Tom Dumont was never officially welcomed to the band but he has been playing guitar for the band for almost 11 years now.

A year later Chris Webb left No Doubt. He felt the band was not going to go anywhere since the band could not travel the country. A young fan, who had been following the band for some time, Adrian Young stepped in. Adrian found out the band needed a drummer and he called the phone number on a demo tape. At his audition he told the band he had been playing since 1983. He really only started playing Christmas Day 1987 when he got a drum set for Christmas. He mastered the demo he had and the band was convinced he was the guy for the job. Even though he fooled the band he was accepted. Adrian and Tom, the last two to join of the band, have become good friends. Tom told VH-1 when talking about Adrian joining the band," I think personality and enthusiasm count for a lot in this band." They both lived in Long Beach not far from each other for a long time.

As the decade of the 90's beaconed No Doubt was playing a few shows a month. They also practiced twice a week for three hours a night at "The Stomp Box". Gabe Gonzalez who had been playing trumpet, decided to move back to the East Coast. Don Hammerstedt stepped in his place. Don's very first practice was on Super(bowl) Sunday. Don told me the story of his first practice, "I remember because I procrastinated learning the songs on the tape that Adrian had given me until the last possible minute...I learned them during the commercial breaks during the game."

Michael Blazary (FLEA) helped produce a demo tape that landed No Doubt their record deal with Interscope. Tony Ferguson, astonished at the actions of the crowd surfing and moshing of the fans, signed the band to a record deal. Interscope took the chance with their second signee-- the first was Gerardo of "Rico Suave" fame. In October of 1991 the band went into the studio. The band's first attempt in the studio suited them quite well but Interscope didn't share their approval. Dito Goodwin was sent in and provided Interscope with something they would release. In March the band set out on the road with a new trumpeter; Phil Jordan.

The road was a time of freedom for gwen stefani and Tony. For the band as a whole the road was harsh. They played to smaller and smaller crowds. After coming home they managed to make a video for "Trapped in a Box". The song about Tom's addiction to television got some air play on KROQ but nothing major. The video included a cameo by gwen stefani and Eric's grandfather(he also appeared in Sunday Morning). In June of 1993 Gabe Mc Nair joined the band as their second trombonist at the urge of a friend in the band, Phil Jordan.

The writing process began once again. The band tried desperate attempts to please the label but they became desperate. The band almost asked for their release from the contracts they signed. The rise of grunge made it practically impossible for the happy ska-pop sound that No Doubt had to succeed. They decided to do it on their own. With the help of friends Sublime and 311 they wrote, recorded, produced and sold their independent record, The Beacon Street Collection. They basically did songs whenever they had a chance; so between school, work and playing shows they found ways to please underground cult following. For the albums cover gwen stefani and Eric's grandfather chipped in again. He posed for an old trick of his with a parakeet.

Impressed with what they band had done Interscope set the band up with producer Matthew Wilder in 1994. This proved to be the final straw for Eric. He left the band and became a full-time artist for "The Simpsons". He has incorporated the band in his work on the show. There have been No Doubt shirt sightings as well as the band themselves in the "Homerpalooza" episode. With Eric gone Gabe Mc Nair controlled two instruments he knew very well; trombone and keyboards.

Before he's departure Eric helped with several songs. But the songs that would make No Doubt so famous had nothing to do with Eric. Tony broke the news to gwen stefani; he wanted out of the relationship. He said he needed space and breaking up was the best thing to do. After seven years together they went their separate ways. gwen stefani retreated to her room. She poured out her heart onto a note book and penned such songs as "Don't Speak", "Happy Now?" and "Hey You". Under the guidance of the producer the band recorded songs in 11 studios through 1995. The music was fine tuned and gwen stefani's hair freshly bleached blonde. But there was one sticking point.

The band was unhappy with the way "Excuse Me Mr." turned out. Interscope allowed them to record it again. No Doubt would do it if they could record another newly written song. They went in the studio and recorded "Spiderwebs" and "Excuse Me Mr." "Spiderwebs" has been written off as a "gwen stefani and Tony" song but not so. It's a song about someone else. gwen stefani won't say who though. Does it really matter? Tragic kingdom was complete and the first single, "Just a Girl" hit KROQ in the summer. They left Anaheim on a tour that would last two and a half years. Little did they know that then. Before they hit the road Phil left to return to school. Stephen Bradley replaced him on trumpet.

No Doubt toured the first Vans Warped Tour in 1995. Tragic Kingdom, a mixture of ska, new wave, pop, punk and rock, was released on October 10, 1995. Of the lyrics, Gwen says on the official site: "We went through some really bad times in the past couple years -- personally and band wise -- and our whole way of dealing with that is humor and I think that's really apparent in the record." But the beginning of 1996 "Just a Girl" becomes a radio hit and the band makes a video. Before the end of March they appear on Conan O'Brein, David Letterman and a Jenny Mc Carthy MTV Spring Break show. Bush gave the band to chance open for them in May and gwen stefani fell in love again. This time for Bush front man Gavin Rossdale.

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